EMYA 2023 Barcelona


Organised by the European Museum Forum and hosted by MUHBA – Barcelona History Museum, the EMYA2023 Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony will bring together members of the EMYA community including former candidates, partners and friends, in addition to the EMYA2023 nominee museums.

European Museum of the Year Award

The European Museum of the Year Award and the series of related awards are given out each year at the annual conference and award ceremony. 


The rigorous judging process involving visits to up to 60 museums culminates in an annual conference with the participation of 250 - 300 leading museum professionals, at which the candidates present their museums, the winners are announced, and the underlying values and innovative ideas in the European museum field are discussed, renewed and reinterpreted.


With EMYA’s accumulated 40 years of traditions and insights into the societal and community needs, which drive, create, develop and sustain museums as crucial civic spaces for the exploration of Europe’s heritage, the conference serves as a continuous benchmark for innovation and best practices for the sector.

European Museum Forum

EMYA was founded in 1977 on the principles of supporting, encouraging, awarding and showcasing excellence and innovation in the museum field, particularly in the areas conceptualized by Kenneth Hudson as 'public quality.' The European Museum Forum (EMF) provides the legal and organizational framework for the annual European Museum of the Year Award scheme (EMYA).


EMF/EMYA is dedicated to promoting excellence in innovation and public quality in museum practice, encouraging networking and exchange of ideas and sustainable best practices within the sector. EMF/EMYA works within an overall framework of a commitment to citizenship, democracy and human rights, to sustainability and to bridging cultures and social and political borders.


The different awards within the EMYA scheme reflect, represent, and emphasize different aspects and dimensions of these values. The two main awards, the EMYA and the Council of Europe Museum Prize, have been awarded continuously since 1977. The EMYA award scheme responds to long term societal changes as well as current urgent social issues, and reflects the challenges, obligations and opportunities which museums face in the 21st century.


The EMYA awards frame and embed professional qualities within a set of social, humanitarian and sustainable values. The highly structured judging process roots the assessment of quality firmly in the actual, specific and concrete museum experience of each candidate for the awards and ensures the ability to discern professional quality, innovation and creativity across the vast differences in traditions, contexts and obligations, in museum types, scales and sources and size of funding.

Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA)

The Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA), a municipal entity of the Barcelona City Council that opened in April 1943 as a city museum, celebrates its 80th anniversary this year by reinventing itself as a citizen museum


The MUHBA, mirror and gateway to the city, is a center for urban knowledge and citizenship construction rooted in the territory and its heritage spaces throughout the city, with collections that cover the long history of the city, from the Romans to our time. 


Through its 55 rooms throughout the city, it shows a narrative of the urban history of Barcelona that aspires to be relevant both to the citizens of the city itself and to tourists who come from far away. As a hub for participatory urban knowledge, the museum’s program ranges from research and debates to publications, permanent and temporary exhibitions, urban itineraries and educational projects, as an agora museum and a school museum working in cooperation with other institutions and citizen associations.

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