EMYA 2023 Barcelona




BARCELONA MUSEUMS. Participants will receive a free entrance pass to the city's municipal museums for the week of 1-7 May 2023. In addition, participants will be able to sign up for guided tours to different museums nearby organized on Sunday, 7 May.

Urban trekking in Ciutat Vella: historical change and cityscapes. 

Registration open until places are sold out

Starts: Departure advanced at 13:30 h  MUHBA Plaça del Rei

Ends: 16:00H

Places: 25

How to read complex cityscapes that contain transformations of two millennia without falling into theming and zoning? The tour goes through the Old City, trying to structure a consistent story from the remains in the current landscape

Barcelona & Catalonia: the capital and the nation
Registration open until places are sold out

Starts: 11:30H MUHBA Plaça del Rei

Ends: 14:30H

Places: 25


Discover the rationalism of Cerdà, the creator of modern Urbanism, and the monumentalisation of Puig i Cadafalch. This tour will walk through Via Laietana and Barri Gòtic, the Eixample, Casa Amatller, Montjuïc and MNAC, the museum that houses the Catalan Romanesque paintings recovered by Puig in the early twentieth century. 

Barcelona’s first balcony. The story of the city’s growth from 
“Tres Turons” to Park Güell

Deadline to register: April 26

Starts: 13:00H Ronda Universitat, 11 

Ends: 16:00H Park Güell

Places: 25


Discover Barcelona and its recent history from atop the hill and enjoy one of the best views in the city. This guided tour will take you through the archaeological site of the Civil War, which includes an anti-aircraft battery and post-war barracks. A visit of Park Güell will also explore how Gaudí and Güell solved the water system in their urbanization project at a time where traditional forms of water supply management created in the late Middle Ages were obsolete. 

War and post-war Barcelona

Deadline to register: April 26

Starts: 13:00H MUHBA Refugi 307 (Nou de la Rambla, 175)

Ends: 17:00H MUHBA Turó de la Rovira

A bus will take you from MUHBA Refugi 307 to MUHBA Turó de la Rovira, and at the end the bus will take you back from MUHBA Turó de la Rovira to Ronda Universitat, 11.

Places: 20


MUHBA shelter 307 & MUHBA Turó de la Rovira are key heritage spaces to understand the active and passive defence plans carried out in Barcelona during the Civil War. This guided tour will examine how the population, municipal institutions and military leaders of the republican army dealt with the air strikes that terrified the city with almost two hundred bombings.


Registration open until places are sold out

Starts: 10:00H MUHBA Plaça del Rei

Ends: 13:00H MUHBA Plaça del Rei

Places: 25


A historical round trip between the Roman colony (Barcino) and contemporary city (BCN), which allows us to place both the traces left by the Romans in the history of Barcelona and the impact of converting some of its remains into monuments. A journey through the monumental present that allows us to find out how and why the last century and a half the testimonies to Barcino have been recovered, turned into monuments and incorporated into the urban fabric of the city, like a kind of monumental “Neo-Barcino”.


Barcelona under the bombs. An artists' response


Starts: 12:00H Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya (MNAC). 
Palau Nacional s/n Montjuïc.

Ends: 15:30H MUHBA Refugi 307

Places: 20


This itinerary will start at the Museu Nacional de Catalunya (MNAC) where it will discuss the collections dealing with the Spanish Civil War. It will then continue at the Joan Miró Foundation where it will present Joan Miró’s response to the conflict. The visit will end at MUHBA Shelter 307 where civilians hid during the air strikes. 


Registration for the conference tours can only be done in person on site from May 3.

Meeting point for all the tours: Plaça del Rei

Casa Padellàs as Barcelona history House + exhibition Barcelona Flashback

Get to know Casa Padellàs, the epicentre of the Barcelona History Museum (MUHBA). Built between at the turn of the the 15th century and 16th century, this palace hosts the exhibition “Barcelona Flashback” which gives a historical overview of Barcelona while proposing an interrogative approach to read the past and the city's heritage.

MUHBA Barcino 

Retrace the beginnings of Barcelona’s urban history through its Roman vestiges. This tour will reveal the archaeological foundations of MUHBA under Plaça del Rei as well as the vestiges of a temple, walls, gates, water ways, and aqueduct located nearby.

MUHBA Palau Major 

Visit MUHBA Plaça del Rei, which once housed the Royal Palace of the Crown of Aragon in Barcelona. The tour will reveal the artistic evolution and powers in the city of Barcelona through the Middle Ages.



Explore the traces of Barcelona’s medieval Jewish community. The tour will start at MUHBA El Call and discuss the history of this community and then walk through the streets of the old medieval Jewish Quarter.


Urbanism and Power near Plaça del Rei

For two thousand years, Barcelona’s civil and religious powers has remained close to the Roman Forum. The itinerary will explore the relationship between space and power throughout twenty centuries of history, from the location of the Forum and the Temple of Augustus, to the symbolic reinforcement of this territory with the idea of creating a "Gothic neighbourhood".



Full day optional tours of museums

1.      The Museum of Footwear and Industry, Museum of Mallorca and heritage spaces of the cities Inca & Palma (Mallorca) 

CLOSED. Deadline to register April 19

Starts: 08:40H flight from Barcelona to Palma. The flight only includes hand luggage. 

It is not included the transport from the hotel to Barcelona airport.

Bus Palma Airport - Inca - Palma Airport is included

Ends: 20:30H flight from Palma to Barcelona. The flight only includes hand luggage.

Places: 28


2.      Mount Montserrat: nature, culture & spirituality

Deadline to register: April 26

Starts: 09:00H Ronda Universitat, 11 to take a bus to Montserrat

At 15:00H Stop at Barcelona Airport (it depends on the traffic)

Ends: 16:00H Ronda Universitat, 11 (it depends on the traffic)

Places: 25


3.      Inhabiting Barcelona at 20th century: Bon Pastor

Registration open until places are sold out

Starts: 10:00H at MUHBA Bon Pastor

Ends: 13:00H 

Places: 25

The MUHBA Bon Pastor site shows the history of housing in Barcelona during the 20th century through the museum display of a block of cheap houses in this working-class neighbourhood, one of the four housing estates built in the city in 1929.


4.      Planta & Fundació Sorigué (Lleida)



5.      Gaudí at Park Güell: architect, urbanist and landscape designer

Registration open until places are sold out

Starts: 09:30H at Park Güell (Carmel)

Ends: 11:30H

Places: 25


*All tours are subjected to a minimum of 10 participants

CONTACT : dalcubierre@bcn.cat